Fortnite’s 5th Season Comes Like a Bomb!

Fortnite's 5th Season
Written by Hassan Abbas

Epic Games ‘ in a short time the whole world ravaged Fortnite the game continues to be played by 124 million players from losing its popularity.

Fortnite's 5th Season

Today, the 4th season, which will be the end of the season, is quite fun and full of competition for seasonal players. The highly anticipated 5th season by the players will come out with a very fun structure. While the 5th season was followed with interest by the players, Epic Games was a joy to the players with the 100% bonus experience points that will start before the season. As you will remember, the 4th season started with a meteor falling into the game world. The successful season was also the theme of superheroes. Of course, the players did not expect superheroes but aliens and dinosaurs.

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For a short time, after the deal with Marvel, players were presented with Thanos character. This highly acclaimed character has given a different impression to the game. What is going on in the 5th season is unknown to Shan. More precisely, it hides like a secret. Let’s just say that the players have no other choice than waiting until July 12th. The 5th season, which will start on July 12th, will present many innovations to the players and last a total of 10 weeks. The 5th season will cut off the breath.

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