Fortnite on Android is Already Getting Ready for Launch

Fortnite on Android
Written by Hassan Abbas

The fans were able to find in the game files on the PC information confirming the early launch of the Android version. There were three days left to wait.

Fortnite conquered the gaming market – the popularity of the project is growing every day, Epic Games has already earned $ 1 billion in in-game purchases in a free game, and competitors lose users by tens of thousands. The release of the game on iOS demonstrated that the developer plans to conquer the mobile platform too. Recently there was a rumor that the Android version will be released on July 24. Now we have data that the popular royal battle will definitely come out on Google’s operating system very soon – the fans were able to find clear evidence of the future release.

Fortnite on Android

Fortnite on Android

At Epic Games, the launch date for Fortnite for Android has not yet been disclosed, and they also did not comment on the release soon. However, users are closely monitoring any changes in the game, and this is bearing fruit. In the files of the next update, files with the name Android_Engine.ini, Android_Game.ini and Android_RuntimeOptions.ini were found. This indicates that the developers are preparing the base to release the Android version with the content already prepared. Probably, the release will really happen very soon, otherwise, why would you add such information to the client of the game?

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Fortnite supports cross-platform, which is why developers simply have to add files for Android to the client “desktop” version. However, there is still a good reason to believe that soon Epic Games will please us with good news. Very soon, Fortnite will celebrate its first important date – a year since its release. Last summer, July 25, was launched a “cartoon” copy of PUBG, and developers clearly want to somehow reward gamers in honor of this event. In the game, itself will give away all kinds of gifts and bonuses, and launching on Android would be a nice surprise.

Fortnite for Android

Fortnite for Android

The number of rumors and discussions on the network proves that users are already waiting for the version for Android. The audience of this operating system is incredibly huge, and if the creators of the game also take care of supporting older devices, it will be possible to buy new servers safely – millions of people are already waiting for the “Download” button. Now Fortnite is available on PS4, Xbox One, PC, and iOS. True, PS4 owners can not play with gamers on other platforms because of Sony’s limitations. Android does not have such problems.

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