Fortnite: Battle Royale will be Available for Android in the Summer

Fortnite: Battle Royale
Written by Hassan Abbas

So far the different versions that have been happening ‘ Fortnite ‘ have ended up becoming a success. No wonder that this leads Epic Games to want the game to reach more places and its next destination will be those Android devices, a task that was still pending since it was published on iOS.

Epic Games has announced that it will be this summer when users can join the battles of Battle Royale mode. To ensure that the experience will be as good as possible, the company has been working on numerous improvements that are already available on iOS through an update and will be included as standard in the Android.

Fortnite: Battle Royale

Some New Features:

Among these new features has enabled the option to customize the interface, one of the functions that had been demanded by the community of players. This is accompanied by voice chat, an essential tool when playing in the company of friends to agree on the strategies to carry out to win the victory. In addition, you will have an option to silence ourselves or others.

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From now on, Epic Games will try to reduce the size of the game considerably, taking care that it does not affect its performance. For this, the size of the patches will be smaller and they will do everything possible to optimize the experience by increasing the graphics quality, adding an energy saving mode that will improve the performance if the low graphics quality is chosen.

On the other hand, other improvements in the gameplay will soon be introduced, such as the possibility of running automatically or more ways to shoot. Finally, in the summer, statistics tracking and more bug fixes and other problems will be added to make the mobile version perfect.

Via; Epicgames

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