Former Apple Chip Executives Start a New Company: NUVIA

Former Apple chip executives NUIVA
Written by Hassan Abbas

Former Apple chip executives start a new company: AMD and Intel are the two most powerful chip companies. But it sounds like they have an upstart to keep an eye on.

according to the Reuters report:

The new company is called NUVIA, Inc. It’s led by a trio of former Apple chip executives who, all combined, have over 20 years of experience at the company. According to the report, the new company is making itself known to the world today.

New Company Founders:

The founders of the new company are:

  • Gerard Williams III
  • Manu Gulati
  • John Bruno

NUVIA Inc was founded by Gerard Williams III. John Bruno and Manu Gulati in early 2019 developing a processor code-named Phoenix. The company said it raised $53 million from Dell Technologies Capital and several Silicon Valley firms. As it will help it expand from 60 employees to about 100 by the end of this year

NUVIA founders were all involved with systems-on-a-chip (SoCs). They are smaller CPUs and GPUs widely used in smartphones. The shifts to data center hardware development are quite a dire change. The phones run on batteries need efficient hardware to extend. However, NUVIA may be able to offer a compelling alternative to the electricity-guzzling chips from Intel and AMD.

Williams actually led the A-series development for Apple while he was at the company!

Williams left Apple this spring as the chief architect for all Apple central processors and systems-on-a-chip. Gulati spent eight years at Apple working on mobile systems-on-a-chip. While Bruno spent five years in Apple’s platform architecture group. They both worked for Alphabet Inc’s Google before coming to NUVIA.

Here the question is:

What’re future chips, and phoenix aimed for? Big data centers. The executives wan’na create something that brags higher efficiency and better security.


Here is the exciting news for that space, and we all hope that it will lead to even better chip development as NUVIA continues to grow from here on out. For any queries and questions simply comment us below!

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