Ford offers a way to drive a car in mobile Real Racing

Written by Hassan Abbas

Gamers will be happy because driving a drone will be as easy as playing their favorite car simulator. Some automakers believe that future unmanned vehicles can be so reliable and safe that they will no longer need a steering wheel. And how can a person take control in this case? For this, Ford invented and patented the simplest way that even a child could cope with.

The new system of manual control of a drone car from Ford provides for the use of a smartphone. It has two modes that were borrowed from mobile racing. In the first case, an accelerometer and a gyroscope device are involved. Accordingly, the car is controlled by the usual tilt of the smartphone in hand. In the second case, the steering wheel is displayed on the smartphone screen, which can be controlled with gestures, and the data will be transmitted to the car computer system.


In both modes, the driver will not get full control over the car. It will only control the trajectory of movement, while the system will control everything else, including acceleration and deceleration. This can be useful, for example, in case you need to change the lane or drive on a section of the road that the car does not know.

As with most other patents, this does not mean that Ford will in the near future necessarily introduce such a control system or equip its future cars with it. At this stage, there are certain security problems that need to be solved before putting into operation the control circuit of the car using a smartphone. However, sooner or later, companies still have to solve all these problems, and by that time Ford may be ready.

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