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How to Fix High Ping on Windows 10

Fix High Ping Windows 10
Written by Hassan Abbas

Do you often experience high ping while gaming? Do you want to solve this problem? Then you’ve come to the exact right place. Let’s take a look at how to fix high ping issues on Windows.Games are not the ones that make us rage, but lag sure does.Personally speaking, losing an online game because of high ping is quite frustrating. The worst part, there are multiple possibilities as to why you might experience high ping issues.

Either Update is getting downloaded or the low Wi-Fi signal or maybe some other programs are using internet bandwidth in the background, and more. Let’s see what we can do about them and Fix High Ping on Windows 10.

Fix High Ping Windows 10

How to Fix High Ping on Windows 10?

Configure Windows Updates | Change Active Hours

Windows 10 updates are working in quite a slightly different way than all of its previous versions. Back when Windows 7 was on top, we had a simple choice of selecting when to download and install updates.

The problem is that nobody would install them, which resulted in millions of people experiencing security issues.And after that, Microsoft became aggressive and decided to download and install updates almost automatically. If the updates are downloading while you are gaming, then ping rate will high like hell.

Along with this high ping issue, you’ll even find your computer restarting on its own while you’re playing games. So, configuring Windows 10 updates is a must thing for everyone.

First, make sure that you set the active hours right. Because Windows will restart and install updates out of those active hours.

Next step is to disable delivery optimization. For that, navigate to the Settings then Update and Security then Advanced Options then Deliver Optimization then and turn off “Allow Downloads from Other PCs“.

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Prevent Steam from Auto Updating the Games

Usually, this option is disabled by default. But you still check just to make sure it is off. Steam Engine has a feature which allows it to automatically update the games while you’re playing.It is not a bad idea for offline gaming or maybe even the opposite. However, it can be a huge problem for online gaming as it will increase the ping.

To disable this feature, navigate to Steam Settings then Downloads then and disable “Allow Downloads During Gameplay.” That might fix high ping issues if Steam was the one to blame.

No Other Programs is Using Bandwidth

With so many programs running in the background, it’s quite easy to miss one that is consuming your bandwidth. Thankfully, we have the task manager is an easy way to find out the one that uses your Internet.

You can open the task manager by right-clicking on the taskbar of Windows and select “task manager“.

Then click on “network” and manually sort the programs that are using bandwidth from the top to the bottom. For better ping, only your game and game client should be using the network. And that might fix high ping issues.

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Check The WiFi Signal

It’s recommended to play on a connection with a LAN wire as it offers lower ping than a wireless connection. But if you still choose to play on a wireless connection, make sure that you get a strong signal. You can check the signal strength of your network on the right part of your Windows taskbar.

If you are seeing a low Wi-Fi signal, just try to get closer to the router. And if you can’t able to do that, you can use things like Wi-Fi repeater or something similar.

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