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Best Email Clients
Written by Hassan Abbas

Google recently announced that it will no longer support Inbox, its experimental email client independent of Gmail. The truth is that their products monopolize the Android ecosystem by coming pre-installed in most devices, so it is more than necessary to give visibility to other alternatives that allow us to decentralize, even minimally, our services of the Mountain View giant. Here are five good email clients for Android.

Best Email Clients

Blue Mail

Blue Mail - Email & Kalender
Blue Mail - Email & Kalender
Developer: Blix Inc.
Price: Free

One of the biggest in the field, offering the right and necessary without leaving aside an elegant and intuitive design. It is compatible with the vast majority of mail services (Gmail, Outlook, Yahoo and many others) as well as IMAP, Exchange or POP3 mailboxes. But where it really stands out is in its interface, which does not clash with the usual trend of Google products and allows you to browse our tray, mark favorites or view attachments without cumbersome. If we had to recommend a single service, it would surely be this one.


Microsoft Outlook
Microsoft Outlook
Price: Free

Do not panic. We have not gone crazy, we just stick to the habits of the users. Like it or not, PC with Windows + Android devices is a tandem that millions of users use, so it does not make sense to miss the tools created by Microsoft to unify both worlds. The Outlook for Android client is even more eye-catching than its desktop namesake and is also compatible with Yahoo and Gmail. And if we use twinned tools like the Microsoft calendar or OneDrive we have native integration۔


MyMail is beautiful, without palliatives. Remember so much to Gmail that it has even modified its icons in the side tray to make them similar to those of the recent aesthetic update of the Google client. The tray is very intuitive thanks to the identification of icons associated with each type of email sent. It is at the level of Bluemail in terms of compatibility with services, so we can unify all our trays into one۔

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Yahoo Mail

The dinosaurs never went extinct. After many years of reinventing the brand, Yahoo’s mail service is still active and, although it has been slightly perverted by offering additional premium services, its basic customer is more than efficient and offers 1GB of gift cloud storage. We can log in with Gmail, Outlook and AOL accounts without even having a Yahoo account۔

Your integrated mail client

We also complicate our lives too much when it comes to searching for applications when the tools package included in our terminal can solve our lives. Both Android Stock and any customization layer has its own integrated native email client, which as a rule is more efficient and consumes fewer resources than a third-party client۔

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