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Five Apps that Add New Features to WhatsApp

Written by Hassan Abbas

There is a constant cycle related to the development of WhatsApp, and it is the existence of applications that add demanded characteristics to the client while they decide to implement them natively. Today there are still many features that have not reached the Android version of the messaging client, so there are many apps that meet that demand. Of course, the five apps that we recommend are completely safe and perform specifically what they offer without fine print. No magic WhatsApp with colorful icons, that time has passed.



Answering machine for WhatsApp

Although Can not Talk is not an application specifically designed for WhatsApp, it is great for this purpose. It is a free app that allows you to send automatic messages when receiving calls, SMS or messages through messaging services. Once we mark our general state as absent, we can specify what phrase we want to send to the sender, storing all the shipments in a log within the application itself that will allow us to manage the conversations that have been pending to respond.

Chat with users not added as contacts

It is very uncomfortable to have to add a phone number to our contact list to be able to converse with that user on WhatsApp, something especially cumbersome if for work reasons we have to talk to strangers on a daily basis. Click2Chat is a free app that allows you to start a conversation on WhatsApp with any phone simply by entering it in the application so that a new chat window will be created in the WhatsApp application even if the phone number has not been registered.

Clean multimedia files stored by WhatsApp

Cleaner for WhatsApp
Cleaner for WhatsApp
Developer: tattobr
Price: Free

As soon as you know a little about the internal operation of WhatsApp you will know that all the photos that we receive and send through the application are stored locally indefinitely in our terminal, and can occupy hundreds of megabytes if we are not aware of their cleanliness. Cleaner for WhatsApp is an application that shows us in a single screen the space occupied by photos, videos, and audios of the application, also allowing to detect and eliminate those stored files. A safe conduct so that your mother does not ask you for the umpteenth time to ‘clean your phone’.

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Use WhatsApp in your business

WhatsApp Business
WhatsApp Business
Developer: WhatsApp LLC
Price: Free

Of all the apps listed in this collection, WhatsApp Business is the only truly official one. After a lot of turmoil and an extensive testing phase, anyone can use this messaging client thought exclusively for the business world. We can associate a number and a terminal to our account, and use it as a means of communication for our customers. A much more elegant way to use WhatsApp in business.

Bubbles chat on WhatsApp

A functionality with which we kill two birds with one stone. With the Dashdow app, we can enable a system of icons and drop-down tabs on the desktop like those of Facebook Messenger, which in itself is a good addition. But it is also that this allows us to read the conversations of our contacts without having to open the chat tab, so it will not appear as read even if we have already done so. Of course, for this last need to install the additional application Notify. The psychotics of reading notifications will come in handy.

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