Firefox will Get the Functions of the Tor Browser

FireFox Tor Browser
Written by Hassan Abbas

The companies Tor Project and Mozilla announced the launch of a new project Fusion, whose goal is to introduce the functions of the Tor browser in Firefox. This name of the project is not chosen by chance: fusion is translated from English as a “merger” and at the same time is an abbreviation for Firefox Using Onions.

Because Tor is based on Firefox ESR (browser versions with enhanced support), anonymous web browser developers spend a lot of time and resources “porting” browser patches from Mozilla. Because of this, several years ago the Uplift project was introduced, thanks to which security patches are developed for Firefox ESR and Tor simultaneously. Firefox Using Onions is a new stage, Tor Project will work even less to support the onion browser in favor of research. It is expected that Fusion will lead to the merge of Tor and Firefox.

FireFox Tor Browser

FireFox Tor Browser

At the moment it is unclear which functions of the anonymous web browser will appear in Firefox and how they will be implemented. Perhaps the developers of Mozilla will make an additional privacy mode using Tor technology. If so, Firefox will have two modes of private surfing – standard and onion.

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Most likely, the merger of the two browsers will lead to multiple increases in the load on the Onion network (due to the growth of new users), and the authors of the project understand this. Perhaps Mozilla will financially support the Tor network.

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