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Find Loved Songs On Apple Music: How to?

Find Loved Songs On Apple Music
Written by Hassan Abbas

Find Loved Songs On Apple Music: Apple Music offers an amazing feature that lets you “love” a song by tapping the heart. While the feature is deliberate to help Apple recommend songs to you based on what you like. Many people use this to mark their favorite tunes. So if you want to see all of the songs you mark as “love,” where do you look?

Apple doesn’t make it accessible while providing a playlist of your loved songs. We have a guide that shows you how you can do that yourself with a Smart Playlist. But you might just want to see through those songs for one in specific.

If you have a Mac, then you can do this in the Music app. Currently, there doesn’t appear to be a way to do it on iOS, unfortunately. Here’s simple guide on how to find your loved songs in Apple Music on Mac.

Find loved songs in the Music app

There is a caveat with the tunes you mark. The songs must be in your Library. So if you mark a song on Beats 1, like, you don’t see it unless you add it to your Library.

Step 1:

Firstly, open the Music app on your Mac.

Step 2:

Tap on Songs on the left under Library.

Step 3:

Now right-click a column at the top and in the drop-down box, here tap on Love so it has a checkmark next to it.

Step 4:

When the Love column appears, tap the column header to sort it and all songs marked with a heart should be at the top. If they are at the bottom instead, just tap the column header again.


While the “love” a song feature may not work the way many people expect it to. You can also find those songs you mark in your Library and make a playlist of them if you want.

Hopefully, Apple will make songs we love easily accessible to us. For further queries and questions let us know in the comment section below!

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