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Filter YouTube Subscription For iOS

Filter YouTube Subscription
Written by Hassan Abbas

Filter YouTube Subscription: Sometimes you don’t have enough time to watch every single video in the Subscriptions feed on YouTube. To make your backlog less terrifying and help you catch up with your favorite video creators. Google now lets you filter YouTube subscriptions via a new Topics available in the native YouTube app for iPhone and iPad, and we show you how.

Bringing order to your Subscriptions feed

You can also order your unwatched videos from channels you subscribe to by clicking on one of the topics that appear below the top row of followed channels on the Subscriptions tab.

Also, you can limit your Subscription feed to only show videos published today, unwatched videos, live videos, etc. Do you just discover fun videos to watch through the Subscriptions tab in the YouTube app? If so, this feature is a great way to better sort through videos from your favorite YouTube creators.

According to Google, these filters aren’t mandatory at all.

“During our testing, we saw that these topics to support more subscribers to come to their subs feed daily to view new updates,” the search noted in a support document. During writing, available filters were limited to but a handful of topics. Maybe Google is going to add additional options in the future via updates to the app.

The feature needs YouTube for iOS version 15.02 or later.

How to Filter YouTube Subscription:

Here’s how to switch from the default reverse chronological list for all videos in your Subscription feed to filtering out content that doesn’t fit your selected topic.

Step 1:

Firstly, launch the YouTube app on your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch.

Step 2:

Click the Subscriptions tab.

Step 3:

Now click one of the filters in a carousel below the top row of followed channels to have the app show a reverse-chronological list of subscribed videos that match that filter.

The following topic-based filters are available:

  • All: Shows all subscribed videos in reverse chronological order, from oldest to latest.
  • Today: Display only those videos published within the past 24 hours.
  • Continue Watching: It only shows you videos that you previously started watching but haven’t finished yet.
  • Unwatched: Only allow subscribed videos that you haven’t yet watched.
  • Live: Display Livestream videos and YouTube Premieres.
  • Posts: It displays your short Twitter-like community posts from subscribed channels.

The Today choice is cool for those times when you’d like to catch up with the most recent videos from your favorite YouTube creators without having to watch all unwatched videos.

If you don’t want to use filters, then the app will continue to show content from the Subscriptions tab in reverse chronological order. It is the same as the “All” topic option.

Videos, posts or both?

Also, we mentioned above in this guide, Posts are the only filter that shows community posts that creators can optionally share with their followers. You can also optionally select which content types you prefer to see in your Subscription feed at any time though.

To change what’s display in the Subscriptions feed, click the Settings option in the carousel and select how the content in the Subscriptions feed should be listed:

  • Videos and posts: Both post and video communities are shown in the feed.
  • Videos only: Eliminate community posts and only shows videos in the feed.

By default, the Subscription feed only shows videos.


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