Fear the Wolves Is in its Beta Testing Stage

Fear the Wolves
Written by Hassan Abbas

The announcement of the royal battle of Fear the Wolves from the creators of the Survarium caused quite conflicting emotions. Gamers did not really believe that the studio Vostok Games will be able to show a decent product, although earlier part of the developers took part in the creation of the legendary “Stalker”. Nevertheless, the first-person shooter in the post-apocalypse setting aroused community interest. Surprisingly, the desire to play a new project is not only “domestic” users, but also foreign ones. Now, developers also promise access to the beta test for everyone. So if you are a big fan of anomalies, mutants and the genre of the royal battle, it’s worth registering on the official page.

Fear the Wolves

Fear the Wolves

The developers report that the project has reached a new stage of development. Now the studio wants to get more feedback from gamers. Everyone has different computers and connection to the Internet, plus servers to check for stability under the influx of fans will not hurt. Access to the beta test is promised to all comers, although some e-mail addresses are rejected at registration. It’s better to use a mailbox on one of the popular platforms like Gmail, then there will be no problems. We tried – the address was accepted. The test will be conducted on the PC, the start and end date are not called. Probably, in the studio, this moment is still under discussion.

Fear the Wolves is a classic royal battle, only with the main Stalker chips. Here, too, one hundred players on one card, after landing, you must actively look for weapons and equipment, and then move to the point of rescue. Around will be a mass of options to die – mutants, anomalies, other players. Your task is to survive and get to the helicopter. You can sit behind a tree and wait for the enemy, or you can actively fight and win by the reaction.

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