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Fantasy Legend: War of Contract on PC – Apk Android Free Download

Fantasy Legend: War of Contract
Written by Hassan Abbas

The contract between humans, elves and cyborgs were broken, in a world where the destinies of the city of Artys is held firmly by the invokers, a war is about to begin. Invoke your Spirits, wear them with your best armour and fight using the best of the four elements.

Fantasy Legend: War of Contract for Windows 7/8/8.1/10/XP/Vista/MAC OS/Laptop


Fantasy Legend: War of Contract is a 3D turn-based RPG game where you, a young summoner, must find and hone more than 100 Spirits, each with its own elements and attacks, creating endless strategies to defeat your enemies.

To evolve your Spirites, the game makes it available for you to collect small seeds of experience. And to make them even stronger, increase the level of your equipment to the maximum.

In Fantasy Legend: War of Contract you must prove that you are an excellent strategist. Mix elements of nature with the individual attributes of each Spirita to create an unbeatable team and fight against different enemies, both story mode and real players in Guild battles.

The game also features an enhanced Reality System (AR) with a 360-degree panoramic free view where you summoner can summon your Spirites to the real world and take pictures with them! Create a bridge between the real world and the fantasy world!Fantasy Legend: War of Contract

Fantasy Legend: War of Contract Review

Fantasy Legend: War of Contract is a turn-based RPG game with 3D graphics where the contract between humans, elves and cyborgs have been broken and a war is about to begin. In it, the player is one of the so-called summoners who must protect and keep the city of Artys and royalty safe by invoking Spirites, the kind of unique magical beings that fight for you on the battlefield.

One of Fantasy Legend’s greatest strengths: War of Contract is a blend of the four elements (fire, water, earth, and air) with the attributes of Spirites (attack, defense, critical damage, or full armor) to create teams with powers and functionalities unique, making it possible to use strong and impenetrable strategies for battles against game enemies or real enemies in PVP battles between guilds.

3D graphics are the highlight of the game. Everything in Fantasy Legend: War of Contract seems to have been working with dedication. Such graphics, allied to the design of characters makes the game very interesting and the medieval fantasy setting is highlighted in comparison to other games of the same style. Another difference is with augmented reality mode, which impresses as a mobile game, being very similar to what we find in “Pokemon Go”, for example. Many Spirites feature combinations of elements with interesting attributes, making the player think well whether or not it’s worth putting them on your team.

But every work of art has its downsides. In the case of Fantasy Legend: War of Contract is the loading screens. Any action taken by the player requires a long wait, as well as being too heavy for some mobile devices, making the game close itself, having a high battery consumption and heating the device while running the game.

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Steps to play Fantasy Legend: War of Contract on PC

To play Fantasy Legend: War of Contract on PC you need to download the game on your computer, maybe through an APK, and an emulator

Fantasy Legend: War of Contract – Download / APK

There are two download options:

  • PlayStore / App Store: If you are already in your country, you can download it directly from any of the two platforms. Although if it is to play on PC, you must do so by accessing it from the emulator of your choice.
  • APK: Here you can see how to Download Fantasy Legend: War of Contract APK and from where. The only thing is that now you will have to download it to your PC or computer.

In case you do not know which emulator to choose, we give you some recommendations and we explain what you have to do with it.

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How to play Fantasy Legend: War of Contract for PC on Windows an Mac

The app was not found in the store. 🙁

Step 1: To use Fantasy Legend: War of Contract for PC, you first need to download and Install Bluestacks.

Step 2: Configure Bluestacks following the instructions on the screen. Enter a valid G-mail account and make sure you have access to it.

Step 3: Once everything is settled, then open Play Store in Bluestacks and tap Ok or continue to reach the interface.

Step 4: Click the Search-bar and type Fantasy Legend: War of Contract. Since it is available globally, you’ll get the results.

Step 5: Tap on Install and wait.

Step 6: After the downloading, you’ll see the app icon on the Home Screen.

Step 7: Click on it and start playing Fantasy Legend: War of Contract for PC.

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