Fan Revived the Cult Horror of Kojima

Cult Horror of Kojima
Written by Hassan Abbas

In 2014, news appeared about the ninth part of the horror of Silent Hill from the legendary Hideo Kojima. Then Konami agreed to release a demo version of the project with the name “PT” so that fans could try out the virtual world and feel the whole image of the leading developer. However, soon Kojima something did not share with the bosses and left the company, and a new part of Silent Hill was completely canceled. The fans reacted very negatively to the situation, but nothing could be changed – no one officially released this franchise. Exactly until the moment when the young developer did not dare to this adventure.

Cult Horror of Kojima

The user under the nickname Qimsar (17 years old) said that he plans to transfer the original PT to Windows so that everyone could appreciate the works of Kojima. At first, no one believed that he could get a decent product, but today the first trailer of the remake was released, and he is gorgeous. Our character got into a temporary loop and now wanders around the house, inhabited by ghosts. Here you and claustrophobia, and terrible sounds, and frightening darkness, and hallucinations. The whole set of what fans of horror like to see on the screen here realized very well. Already from viewing the video the skin becomes a shiver, but what if you play yourself?

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I had 6 hours of experience with the Unreal Engine, when I sat down to develop a remake of the cult game. This is my first experience. I had to spend about 140 hours learning and writing code, learn a lot of new things. I like the result, “Qimsar said.

At this point, the developer fixes some bugs and worries about Konami ‘s reaction. We all know that large publishers do not like to share their products and franchises so that a third-party developer’s project can quickly cover up. Now the game is in the early access stage and you can download it for free. If you are a fan of the genre of horror and always wanted to see the ninth part of Silent Hill, then hurry. Suddenly, tomorrow the publisher will block.

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