Fallout 76 will Enjoy Dangerous Enemies and an Interesting Storyline

Fallout 76
Written by Hassan Abbas

At the E3 2018 gaming exhibition, Bethesda officially announced its new Fallout 76 project, which users have been talking about on the network for a long time. There were a lot of rumors, but most of them were just fantasies of the fans. Novelty really is a multiplayer game in the genre of RPG, that’s just no hundreds of users on one server will not. Foreign media, which “casually” tried the novelty, say about ten to twenty gamers in one session, nothing more. Now the developers have released a new gameplay video that shows us the beauty of the virtual world.

Fallout 76

Fallout 76

Call the trailer “new” can only be a stretch – about 60% of the time we show the part of the video that the publisher already demonstrated at the presentation. Next are the footage with the new dangerous monsters and in the background the creators of the project comment on the features of the virtual world. We are informed that West Virginia looks very beautiful, this territory is replete with a wide variety of locations and enemies. Here you can receive complex quests, fight, survive and enjoy life in the world after the apocalypse.

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We must understand that Fallout 76 is the first attempt by Bethesda to transfer the history of Fallout to the world of multiplayer where players will interact with each other. Developers understand that it’s very easy to spoil a popular franchise, so every element of the gameplay is thought through and tested many times. The plot component plays a key role, writers work hard not to hit the dirt in the face. Probably, they will show us something very interesting, with the cooperative passage of tasks, shootings and amazing enemies.

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