Facebook Wants to Compete with Twitch with its Own Streaming Service

Facebook Gaming
Written by Hassan Abbas

In January of this same year began to shoot Facebook Gaming, the platform for creating live video content that aims to rival other similar services such as Twitch, YouTube Gaming or Mixer. To do this, and coinciding with E3 2018, the Level Up program has been launched with which content creators can monetize their videos using their own tools so that followers can make donations.

On this Facebook Gaming website, they explain how to register on the platform and configure our profile, as well as suggesting the use of the well-known OBS tool. To directly broadcast the game signal also have this other website. Said streaming will be accessible by any Facebook user, both in its mobile client ( games section of the side menu) and through the web where there is already an exclusive dedicated URL.

Facebook Gaming

Facebook Gaming

The new monetization tool, called Facebook Stars, allows our followers to send donations during our live broadcasts. To be able to subscribe to this program we will have to fulfill some requirements like having issued a minimum number of hours in the previous two weeks or having more than 100 followers. The program will also allow us to access premium features such as content broadcast at 1080p / 60fps.

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Accessing Facebook Gaming we will see a timeline on the home with channels that we recommend you to follow, as well as a new role at the top of the screen similar to the Facebook or Instagram stories. The platform is also reinforced by user recommendation lists according to our preferences, as well as sub-channels that divide the retransmissions according to the game they are broadcasting. It remains to be seen if the social network gives sufficient prominence to this section to be able to compete with the other giants of live video game broadcasting. They have it complicated.

Via: BBC

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