Facebook Stories Reach 150 Million Users and Release Advertising

Facebook Stories
Written by Hassan Abbas

Facebook is betting ever stronger for the stories, the new form of communication that little by little has been percolating among users of social platforms. It is less and less an exclusive trend of younger generations and applications aimed at this type of audience, always more inclined to adopt new features: Facebook has just announced that it already adds 150 million people daily using Stories.

It became clear with the numbers on the WhatsApp States that the Facebook ecosystem ( Instagram, WhatsApp, Messenger, and Facebook ) had swept the map to Snapchat long. Only with the messaging application did Snapchat’s numbers pale. Having reached that figure on Facebook has led Mark Zuckerberg’s company to decide to introduce advertising into the stories.

It is the first time that we know the exact data of unique daily users that has the functionality of the Stories on Facebook since the service was born, more than a year ago. According to TechCrunch, these 150 million users are data corresponding to the month of May 2018.

Facebook Stories

Compared to WhatsApp & Instagram:

150 million users are still few compared to the 450 million that WhatsApp accumulates or the 300 million Instagram, but they mark an upward trend, as the product manager Chris Cox explained during the F8 developer conference:

“The format of the stories is on track to overcome the feeds as the main option for people to share things with their friends, sometime next year [this milestone will be reached]”

Of the 1,450 million daily users of Facebook and its products, 150 million represents less than 7% of the total Facebook community and a much slower growth than that experienced by Instagram. However, it is a figure similar to that reached by this photographic social network before starting to show ads in their stories, too.

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With the introduction of advertising in Facebook stories, those of Mark Zuckerberg intends to double their advertising revenues, which in the first quarter of the year already accounted for 50% more than they entered in 2017. Advertising is the main source of income for Facebook, with more and more relevance in the total.

The publicity began to appear in the Facebook Stories this same Thursday in Mexico, the United States and Brazil, in the form of small announcements that for now can be skipped and do not exceed 15 seconds in duration. Facebook has explained that these ads can be easily created from those already published on the sister platform, Instagram, or even by uploading the advertising that the advertiser shows in the classic news feed, with a small previous redesign.

Via: Techcrunch

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