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Facebook Messenger New Design for iOS

Facebook Messenger New Design for iOS
Written by Hassan Abbas

Facebook is trying to get out of what we could call its worst period, at least in terms of its external image. And one of the promises will begin to be fulfilled soon: Facebook Messenger for iOS will be updated with a new simplified design. In The Next Web, they have obtained some images of the interface.

Now the main screen of Facebook Messenger will be composed of three sections, and the conversations will have a cleaner appearance with fewer buttons and more concentrated options. The idea is to reverse the criticism that the courier customer has been collecting for a long time for having too many complications, in addition to being slower than its competitors.

Facebook Messenger New Design for iOS

Yes, that’s a dark way in Facebook Messenger

Facebook Messenger is aimed at fashion with the option of having a dark mode on its interface, something that owners of an iPhone X will appreciate for the energy savings that it means on the OLED screen. And those who want to keep the classic mode have new gradient color options to customize the chat balloons.

These are improvements that are welcome among those who use Facebook Messenger every day, although something tells me that the biggest challenge will continue to be to wash the Facebook image. Traces like those of the WhatsApp founder giving up his position continue to cast doubt on his policies.

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