EVE Online Mobile Version Available on Android

EVE War of Ascension
Written by Hassan Abbas

We have good news for fans of the massively multiplayer game EVE Online, whose action takes place in space. Yesterday, June 10, the release of the long-awaited space strategy EVE: War of Ascension for Android-devices.

Game EVE: War of Ascension, which was announced in October 2017, code-named “Project Aurora“, is now officially available on Google Play. Developed by the joint efforts of PlayRaven and Kongregate, the strategy has almost the same functions as in EVE Online. You can still form a massive fleet and fight for valuable space regions with other online opponents around the world. You can also unite with other players, forming corporations in order to win back resources from enemies. There is also the possibility of building your own space station.

EVE War of Ascension

EVE War of Ascension

EVE graphics: War of Ascension is much easier compared to EVE Online for PC. If you want to get a mobile game that is comparable to the original, or even better, you’ll have to wait for a little. The other day CCP Games announced that it will offer players “an authentic EVE Online experience” on mobile devices in 2019.

The app was not found in the store. 🙁

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