Essential is working on a smartphone that can imitate a user

Written by Hassan Abbas

The company plans to create a device that performs the user’s usual actions for him using voice commands. The company Essential, created by Android developer Andy Rubin (Andy Rubin), put aside work on most projects to focus on developing a completely new smartphone. Its main feature will be in artificial intelligence, which will be able to simulate user interaction: for example, automatically respond to messages and calls on their behalf. Reports the Bloomberg edition about it with reference to own sources.

According to Bloomberg, the Essential smart smartphone is not like a standard smartphone. It is equipped with a small screen and will require users to control mainly voice commands. The latter will use the special artificial intelligence software Essential. According to the sources of the publication, the main idea is that the product could organize meetings, respond to text messages and emails, in other words, perform standard daily activities independently for the user.


On the possibility of implementing such a project, Rubin first reported last year in an interview with Bloomberg. The creator of the Android operating system wants to draw attention to its brand with a product that is truly different from its modern counterparts. It is possible that such an unusual device with an emphasis on artificial intelligence will be the very last Essential hope in the market, where Apple and Samsung now dominate.

“If I can get to the point that your smartphone will become a virtual version of yourself, you can enjoy life without touching the smartphone, and you can trust the smartphone to perform tasks on your behalf. I think I can solve the problem of addictive behavior, ”commented Andy Rubin in an interview with Bloomberg.

It is noteworthy that Essential plans to sell the new product no longer as an independent device, but as an addition to the smartphones of those people who want to spend less time on physical contact to perform routine tasks.

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Recall that last year Essential announced it was leaving the smartphone market and canceling the second-generation Essential Phone. The startup also decided to halt the development of the project of a proprietary smart speaker after losing key engineers who faced disagreements about the prospects for launching a device of this class.

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