Essential iPhone Tips For 2020

essential iPhone tips
Written by Hassan Abbas

In the last year of January, we shared an article that covered more than two dozen essential iPhone tips that the allaboutos editors think actually essential. Come let’s take a look:

Some Essential iPhone Tips In 2020

Calendar 1-minute increments:

While creating an event, double-click the spinning time selector. Just to switch between the default five-minute granularity and the hidden one-minute increment.

123 key gliding:

If you click and hold the 123 buttons iOS keyboard. So don’t go quickly. Rather than, move the finger on the keyboard then let go. The chosen key is entered and the keyboard return back to its normal position, saving you clicks.

Two-finger selection:

In the apps that are in the form of a list. Such as Mail, Messages, Notes, and Files, you can input multi-item selection mode by clicking with two fingers. Also, invoke a two-finger move gesture to choose various lines at once.


In Messages, click and hold or double-click a bubble to allow quick reactions. Such as thumbs up and down symbols, heart, exclamation point, laughter, and question mark.

Moving Home screen apps faster:

Rather than dragging a Home screen icon to screen side to advance to the other page. Just hold it using one finger and move between the Home screens with other fingers to scroll the chosen app where you like faster.

Moving apps in bulk:

Once you enter into the icon jiggling mode, just click and hold a Home screen icon. Also, click tap other icons to gather them into a bundle. However, this enables you to move several icons in bulk.

Multi-touch app switcher:

You can also force-close several apps in the iOS app switcher by scrolling up on their thumbnails using different fingers.

Swipe-to-indent in Notes:

While working with the numbered list in Notes. Simply move with a finger right or left to reduce or enhance the indent. Well, it’s the best way to turn a line into a toggle.

Reordering Wallet cards:

Click and hold a card in Wallet. Once done then drag it where you like it to be. Such as move Apple Cash Card to the list top to make it your default.

Timer auto-stop audio:

In the Clock app Timer section, click the choice When Timer Ends. Also, choose the Stop Playing action from the popup menu just to have the alarm stop playing audio. However, when the timer expires. This is quite essential as a way to restrict your device usage. Also, set a required alarm time using the Stop Playing option and the device locks automatically lock when your run time expired. Needing you to input your passcode before you can use it again.


Here’s all about “Essential iPhone Tips For 2020”. For further queries and questions let us know in the comment section below!

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