Energomash Began Developing a Methane Rocket Engine

Methane Rocket Engine
Written by Hassan Abbas

The project of 20 years ago will become a reality due to strong competition from American companies.

The Russian scientific and production association (NGO) Energomash announced the beginning of the development of a fundamentally new rocket engine based on the methane mixture. This was told to “RIA Novosti” by the general director of the enterprise Igor Arbuzov on Tuesday, July 31.

Methane Rocket Engine

“This is actually a new engine, based on the knowledge we have been building since the beginning of the 2000s,” Arbuzov said.

According to Arbuzov, the future rocket engine was named “RD-169“. “Energomash” plans to begin full-fledged testing of the module in about 3-4 years. In addition, the head of the NGO also said that Russian enterprises intend to submit to the “Roskosmos” the concept of the first domestic multi-use medium-range missile together with its market prospects by the end of 2018.

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If approved by the state corporation for space activities, such a missile system can be created within the next 5-6 years. The development of a new carrier will be carried out in parallel with the development of a methane engine project.

Earlier it was reported that Russia had signed a contract for the delivery of six RD-180 rocket engines in the US in 2020.

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