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Enable Native Screen Recording Function: How to?

Written by Hassan Abbas

Enable Native Screen Recording Function: Samsung phones are known for their amazing features and customization options. The manufacturer packs all the features either via system functions or via third-party tools like Good Lock, Galaxy labs, Samsung Themes, and much more. Don’t forget the updated working version of Samsung Theme Park APK for Galaxy devices where you can build your own themes. It is the latest Good Lock module. However, we believe Nice Shot is the best and one of the most useful Good Lock plugin. Here’s why.

Nice Shot is an extremely useful Good Lock plugin but unfortunately, it is highly ignored. So do you want to manually add a shortcut to the app on your home screen? Nice Shot gives you native screen recording functionality on your Samsung Galaxy devices. The native Screen Recording function was teased and then erased from the One UI 1.0 based on Android 9 Pie for some reason. Also, even if the One UI 2.0 (Android 10) for Galaxy phones do have screen recording. It is not even close to the features Nice Shot provides.

The most important feature from Nice Shot is the audio input for the system and/or mic. So while screen recording you can select between three audio input options – off, system sounds, system sounds and mic. So if you are content creator, you can also add a voice-over on your videos in real-time. Another amazing function you will find is the option for video quality. You can select from high, medium, and low. Nice Shot is not just a screen recording. It also has a screen capture function, or more commonly known as a screenshot. You can also select between png and jpg formats.

Nice Shot APK for screen recording or screen capture function for Samsung: Download?

Nice Shot is a Good Lock plugin so you can still use it without the Good Lock container app. We recommended you to install and try out all the Good Lock plugins (downloads link below). You can use this on any Samsung phone that can run Good Lock like Galaxy series.

Galaxy App Store links:

Make sure if the Galaxy app store links don’t work, then you need no worry. You can still download the APK from below and install it using the below tutorial.

Direct APK download:

Note: For Google Drive links, simply download to PC and transfer to phone storage. Remember that the Nice Shot v1.0.16 works perfectly with all Samsung Galaxy devices. You can also try the version 1.1.04 but is only 6MB for some reason. So we do not recommend installing it.

How to enable screen recording or screen capture function on Samsung Galaxy devices?

If you don’t see the new plugins in the Good Lock container app, you can try the Nice Lock alternative as well. OR you can use the following tutorial to add a Nice Shot shortcut on the home screen. You can also do this for other plugins or addons.

  • Firstly, Download and install the Nice Shot app onto the system.
  • You will need Nova Launcher or Action Launcher or any launcher with activity function from the Play Store. All you need is to have the app installed on your device.
  • Simply press and hold onto the home screen of your phone.
  • Select widgets. Now scroll down for Nova Launcher widgets and enter it.
  • Choose the option Activities widget. Drag and drop it on the home screen.
  • Once it loads, search for the apps called Nice Shot.
  • Add the first CapturePluginSettingsActivity to the home screen by clicking on it.
  • Launch the app from the home screen and start to add a shortcut to the record screen on the Home screen.

You will see a new screen record icon on the home screen as well. Simply clicking the icon will start screen recording. You can customize the quality of screen recording from the Nice Shot app.


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