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How to enable and disable VoiceOver on your Mac

Enable and disable VoiceOver
Written by Hassan Abbas

VoiceOver is included in the screen-reading convenience aspect that allows you to control your Mac with the keyboard authority and customizations. But you are able to take some getting used to if you are new to it. In this article, we will tell you how to enable and disable VoiceOver on your Mac.

However, with the suggestions to help. So we will display you the basics of VoiceOver like navigating your desktop and Dock. Similarly, by selecting and deselecting the menu items, Then how to work with windows and much more. But you will have to know how to turn it on and off the VoiceOver on your Mac.

Methods to enable and disable VoiceOver

Similarly, you have a few different methods to turn on and off VoiceOver. Similarly, the one you use is based on what you’re doing on your Mac at the time.

Keyboard Shortcut (Enable and disable VoiceOver)

First, use the Command + F5 to enable and disable VoiceOver quickly. However, when you enable the VoiceOver with the shortcut, then you are able to view the VoiceOver window appear showing the text for what is on your screen immediately. Similarly, if you tap the X in the corner of that window, then this will also disable the VoiceOver.

System Selections

Moreover, if you happen to have your System Selections open, then you are able to on and off VoiceOver there too. So choose Accessibility and then select VoiceOver from the catalog on the left. Then check the box for Enable VoiceOver to turn it on and uncheck it to turn it off.

Enable and disable VoiceOver

Accessibility Options Shortcut Panel

Here you have to use the Option + Command + F5 to open the shortcut panel. Similarly, then check the box for Enable VoiceOver and tap Done to enable it, and uncheck it to disable it.

Remember that you are able to utilize any combination of the above methods for enabling and disabling VoiceOver. For instance, if you turn it on in System Settings, then you are also able to disable it with the keyboard shortcut.


Moreover, you may try to start utilizing the VoiceOver screen reader on your Mac. However, you may accidentally enable VoiceOver by using the keyboard shortcut and unsure how to disable it. However, it is an easy way to turn it on and off VoiceOver. Nevertheless, now you know the different methods to enable and disable VoiceOver on macOS.

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