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Emui 10 Update Huawei Honor

Emui 10 Update for Huawei Honor
Written by Hassan Abbas

Emui 10 Update Huawei Honor: Here is an official EMUI 10 update schedule for Honor devices and Huawei. These phones will soon get Android 10 updates with all the latest features like Dark Mode, better security features, etc.

The new iteration of Android, called Android 10, has been officially uncovered by Google and for Huawei / Honor devices. Unlike smaller iterations such as EMUI 9.1, this upgrade would bring about major changes. Starting with a revamped UI, EMUI 10 update will feel and perform much better than EMUI 9. As for its official launch date, Huawei has launched the new OS through its latest Mate 30 series phones. Also, it has declared a whole timeline, listed ahead, as to when EMUI 10 will reach for other Huawei / Honor devices.

EMUI 10 brings the latest new coat of paint to the overall Huawei design with cool colors and a much better minimalist look. Besides look and feel, the next iteration of EMUI also brings in popular Android 10 features i.e. dark mode. We also expect changes to the overall performance of the whole skin along with improved privacy and reliability. To find out when your specific Huawei or HONOR phone will be getting EMUI 10 update, read our whole guide.

EMUI 10: New Features, Changes

Huawei following a very logical naming scheme with its EMUI skin. Directly communicating with Android version number, EMUI 10 will be based on Android 10. All the latest features that Google has integrated into the core source code of Android, Huawei will be adding features of its own. One of the great changes to reach with EMUI 10 will be its revamped UI. The latest EMUI will be featuring Morandi Pallete for its colors that are both subtle yet calming. There are the latest animations added to make the whole software experience that much more fluid.

Also, text and fonts throughout EMUI have been muted. They are now concentrating on a minimalist approach with huge negative spaces. Users enjoy a system-wide dark mode including on Huawei stock apps which should increase overall battery, reduce eye strain and also, generally should look better.


EMUI 10 Update Schedule for Huawei / Honor Devices

While there is no official word on when stable launches will be moving out to devices yet. Huawei confirmed dates for EMUI 10 Beta programs. There are other devices that have made the cut for EMUI 10 Beta and when the trial period is over, all compatible devices will receive stable builds. So, this list also elaborates which phones will be getting Android 10 and the ones not on the list are going to miss out on EMUI 10.


Official image shared by Huawei during IFA. From this slide, it is quite clear when each major device will be eligible for the EMUI 10 Beta program. Also, there is an indistinct Other Models category that is found at the end of the list that makes space for more devices to receive EMUI 10 updates later on. Here is the complete list breakdown with dates:

  • 19th September 2019: EMUI 10 release with Mate 30
  • November 2019: P30, P30 Pro
  • December 2019: Mate 20, Mate 20 Pro, Mate 20 RS, Mate 20X (4G), HONOR 20, HONOR View 20, HONOR 20 Pro
  • March 2020: P30 Lite, P20 Series, Mate 10 Series
  • Quarter 2 of 2020: Other Models

This has been a complete look at EMUI 10 and its launch schedule for different Huawei as well as HONOR devices.


Here’s all about Emui 10 Update for Huawei Honor. For further queries and questions let us know in the comment section below!

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