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How to Flag Emails as Different Colors on iPhone & iPad

Written by Hassan Abbas

How to Flag Emails: Sometimes we use e-mail for personal, or business-related purposes or to find some job. But sometimes it is hard to manage all the emails you constantly receive in your inbox. Most popular email services like Gmail, Yahoo, Outlook, etc. have their unique ways to prioritize emails by letting use star or flag important mails.

However, Apple has decided to take flagging to a different level with the current Mail app in modern iOS and iPadOS versions. Adding a great new feature to help differentiate emails. The stock Mail app now allows users to flag emails with different colors. This amazing feature makes flagging better than most other third-party email apps. When it comes to handling emails, users can assign a flag color to a set priority level and categorize them based on importance.

Let’s come and check how to flag your emails as different colors on the iPhone and iPad.

How to Flag Emails as Different Colors on iPhone & iPad

Here are the few steps to flag email:

Step 1:

Open the stock Mail app and check your inbox where you read all your emails. Now, swipe left on the mail you want to flag and click on “Flag”. The email will now be flagged using the default orange color.

Step 2:

To change this color, swipe left on the same email and click on “More” to view additional options.

Step 3:

You’ll check a menu pop up from the bottom of your screen. Here, you’ll see different colors that you can choose from. Just click on the color you prefer and the flag will switch to the new color immediately.

how-to-flag-emails-as-different-colors-3To switch up your flag colors and start organizing your Inbox in a much better way. You can repeat the procedure to flag other emails as different colors on the iPad and iPhone too. Well, there are seven different colors to choose from.

Flagged mailbox doesn’t let the user sort mails by the flag color. It allowed users to quickly lookup flagged emails based on their priority level. As it is specified by the color of the flag they selected. You can also search for emails on the iPad and iPhone using the built-in Mail search feature. However, it can help you to track down emails. You can also use other sorting functions like quickly seeing all unread emails only, using VIP lists.


What is your opinion about the ability to use different colored flags for different emails? Does this amazing feature give Apple’s default Mail app an edge over the competition on the iPad and iPhone? Share your thoughts, opinions, and suggestions in the comments section below!

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