Elite Dangerous Received a Free Update With New Ships and Missions

Elite Dangerous
Written by Hassan Abbas

Space simulator Elite Dangerous saw the light in 2015, and then many gamers, including us, complained about the deficit of content in the game – they say, over time, it has nothing to do. Developers from Frontier Developments make every effort to make their offspring become a real space adventure. Yesterday for the simulator came a fresh update.

The additive, called Beyond – Chapter Two, is distributed free of charge, but there is one nuance: part of its content will only be paid to season ticket holders – Horizons. Downloading the add-on, you will have access to two new ships – Krait Mk II and Alliance Challenger. In addition, the update includes new command tasks Wing Mission, as well as additional settlements, weapons, and technology.

Elite Dangerous

In addition to everything, Chapter Two eliminates bugs and corrects the balance of the game. A full list of changes is available at the official Elite Dangerous forum.

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Chapter Two is not the last update from the Beyond series. In the fourth quarter of this year, developers promise to introduce squadrons into the game, improve production and research, and much more.

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