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Elemental Mastery Genshin Impact – What is it

Elemental Mastery Genshin Impact
Written by Kelly Houstan

Elemental Mastery and Elemental Reactions are basically mechanics unique to Genshin Impact. However, some players may not find it as valuable as other stats such as Attack or Critical Rate. That is building the Elemental Mastery attribute on the right characters can result in excellent team composition and high damage output as well. Just read this article, we are going to talk about Elemental Mastery Genshin Impact – What is it. Let’s begin!

Genshin Impact’s actually made a big splash in the weeks because of its release, living up to the incredible hype. It built up pre-release as a game that also plays something. Such as a F2P Breath of the Wild meets Spellbreak — becoming a nine-figure IP along with ease. Not only does this success provide hope to the free-to-play solo RPG space and pave the way for further innovation as well. The popularity that comes along with it means more eyes on the game, more brains tweaking each and every performance metric to the max to find god-like endgame power.

As footage of six-figure damage counters also has started popping up around the internet. A lot of a Genshin Impact gamer finds one word ricocheting across the forefront of their mind: HOW! Part of the answer to that question is actually Elemental Mastery (albeit along with one important caveat).

What is Elemental Mastery in Genshin Impact?

Elemental Mastery is actually an attribute in Genshin Impact that can also play a major role in upping your party’s damage as well. Alongside Attack, Elemental Mastery is actually a key stat used to calculate bonuses to the power of Elemental Reactions. That your characters create and are especially important for catalyst wielders as well.

This is as it increases the overall damage dealt via Elemental Reactions via a flat multiplier, as well as the strength of Geo-shields. Such as, having 175 Elemental Mastery increases the damage dealt through Vaporize and Melt via 30.9% — and Overloaded, Supercharged, Shattered, and Swirl via 74%! That means some serious damage in a battlefield flush along with elemental effects.

It sounds simple enough, however, getting Elemental Mastery to really work for you takes some planning. Down below we’ll talk about how you can raise your Elemental Mastery and all other attributes that have to go along with it.

How to Raise Elemental Mastery Genshin Impact

Set Bonuses

One of the best ways, in order to add a bundle of Elemental Mastery to not only one character. However, the entire party is to enhance your character’s Elemental Mastery is first via acquiring an Instructor’s Set. The 2-Piece Bonus boosts your Elemental Mastery via 80. And the 4-Piece bonus increases the Elemental Mastery of all members of the party via 120 for 8 seconds whenever you guys create an Elemental Reaction.

Weapons and Artifacts

Unfortunately, for most characters, you have to do more than simply raise your character level to increase your elemental mastery. Unlike other attributes such as HP and Attack, Elemental Mastery doesn’t grow automatically. Along with your character level and relies heavily on your Weapons and Artifacts — as well as set bonuses.

As you guys are setting out on your journey across Teyvat, keep a lookout for quality artifacts that have good stats.  Especially damage-oriented stats such as Attack, Crit Rate, or, in this case, Elemental Mastery. Whenever leveling up an Artifact, each and every four levels you’re going to get either a new stat or a bonus to an existing stat.

Keep in mind that if you get a subpar stat, and that could be the one that gets buffed rather than one of the other stats. In order to get some excellent artifacts that can seriously empower you, also even when they’re 3 or 4 stars. Be prudent about disbanding all artifacts that have a subpar stat as well. Also, even if the other stats are good.

You get most of the experience back and eventually, you guys can have a killer blue or purple. That outperforms a five-star with great bonuses but for stats, you don’t need as much.

Team Comp

Sucrose, apart from being a type of sugar, is an excellent character to boost Elemental Mastery. This is due to Sucrose’s passive talent, Catalyst Conversion. That boosts each and every member of the party’s Elemental Mastery via 8 seconds each and every time Sucrose triggers a Swirl effect.

On top of that, the party members get another Elemental Mastery buff of 20% of Sucrose’s own Elemental Mastery. Whenever her second or third skill successfully hits an enemy as well. There are a lot of other effects that integrate with one another, however, Sucrose is the simplest to implement.

But Just How Important is Elemental Mastery, Really?

Ever since that video of Diluc pressing the utterly godlike 115K combo started doing the rounds. Also, everybody’s been going nuts over Elemental Mastery such as it’s the elixir of life itself. And higher Elemental Mastery certainly helps as well. However, it’s certainly not the be-all-and-end-all of damage in Genshin Impact.

Let’s take a look at Attack real quick actually. Attack figures into the multipliers of pretty much almost everything. That means your basic attacks, talents, elemental reactions — all of it — get upped via boosting your Attack. However, maxing Elemental Mastery is what can turn well-coordinated combos into nuclear strikes. Then you guys don’t get any of that juicy damage if you have a pellet gun for the offense.

That’s because Elemental Mastery increases the multiplier actually. So if you guys are hitting for 50, however, have a ton of Elemental Mastery upping that damage via 100%. Then you are going to be hitting for 100; a character along with more attack than naturally hits for 150 and gets their attack boosted via 30% is going to hit for 200. And so on and so forth as well.

If a machine is invented that will double your money, then you better bring as much money as possible. As how much you get, relies on how much you give. If Elemental Mastery is actually the return on your investment, Attack is the currency. The second caveat is basically that Elemental Mastery only affects the power of Elemental Reactions. Huge amounts of Elemental Mastery will actually mean nothing if you guys are not proccing the effect in the first place as well.

Thus Elemental Mastery is best for characters who can be putting out elemental effects consistently. Such as Xingliang or Fischl, and keep on proccing those Elemental Reactions instead of more physical attack-oriented characters tapping into it along with a one-off nuke whenever they cast their ultimate.


Well, That is all from my side. If you want to know more about this article or have any queries. Then feel free to ask me anything in the comments section below.

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