Reports an EFI firmware issue bricking some Macs when updating Catalina

Written by Hassan Abbas

A report by means of 9to5Mac recommends that few Mac clients might be encountering bricking. This is due to EFI firmware issue when refreshing to macOS Catalina.

As indicated by the report:

“There are discussion reports of the update to macOS Catalina bringing about certain Macs turning out to be non-responsive, with some sign that an update to the EFI firmware might be dependable … There are various strings on Apple’s help gatherings, with most reports seeming comparative in nature.”

macOS Catalina

There are gathering reports of the update to macOS Catalina bringing about certain Macs turning out to be non-responsive. With some sign that an update to the EFI firmware might be mindful

A portion of those detailing the issue is on beta, while others are on the official discharge.

EFI firmware

Furthermore, Various presents point to the debasement of the EFI firmware as a possible reason. Moreover, The Extensible Firmware Interface (EFI) was structured by Intel to supplant the Open Firmware utilized on PowerPC Macs.

It’s obvious from the number of reports this is influencing various machines. Similarly, there would be much more clamor if this was exceptionally across the board issue. Moreover, So everything we can say for the present is that it seems, by all accounts, to be a difficult issue influencing a predetermined number of Macs, with no undeniable example developing up ’til now.


A significant number of the reports appear to concern more established Macs from 2014 and 2015. Every one of the reports recounts a similar story of moving up to Catalina. Moreover, just to be welcomed by Apple’s dark screen and the “?envelope” symbol. One client announced that informal assistance focus legitimately modified the EFI with a unique apparatus. Moreover, which fixed the issue. This would appear to affirm the recommendation from a few of the reports that defilement of the EFI firmware might be at fault.

Moreover, At this stage, there are few reports, so while it no uncertainty is by all accounts an issue. Furthermore, the size of the issue is by all accounts extremely constrained at this point. What you have to know.

  • There are a few reports that refreshing to Catalina is causing bricking with certain Macs
  • The issue is by all accounts a consequence of an EFI firmware update.
  • Introductory reports propose the issue is just influencing an exceptionally modest number of gadgets.

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