Eden Obscura is a Great Mobile Adaptation of PixelJunk Eden

Eden Obscura
Written by Hassan Abbas

In 2007 we saw the birth of the PixelJunk saga, a series of games originally launched for PlayStation 3 that presented a very original visual aspect and developed interesting concepts. PixelJunk Eden became one of the most popular thanks to its powerful visuals and sound section, something that has made him win several prizes.

After a long time, we can be happy to meet Eden Obscura, a kind of adaptation or pseudo-school for mobile devices that immerses us again in the beautiful virtual gardens that Q-Games offers us. Eden Obscura, as well as the original game, stand out for the mime placed in its audiovisual section.

Eden Obscura

Eden Obscura

A very artistic title in the forms proposed by a different game system to which we are accustomed: we have to “pollinate” the different gardens to make the plants grow in them. This action will allow us to scale through its scenarios and thus discover more areas of them. All thanks to its control perfectly adapted to touch screens in which we can jump and turn on the stage to get where we propose. Of course, too many jumps without coming into contact with any surface will make us lose control of our elf.

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We have gone from PixelJunk Eden to Eden Obscura and this is due to the camera obscura, that ancestral invention that led our way to photography. And the use of this name in the title is not trivial: the gardens of Eden Obscura use the camera of the smartphone to add various effects of light that are based on what is around us.

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It does not stop being an aesthetic resource, but always it is grateful that it tries to innovate within these boundaries. Something that we can enjoy the different scenarios that the game proposes, all of them with a unique design that we should not miss. Eden Obscura is a video game as fantastic as the work on which it is based. It is not a typical game to which we are accustomed and this makes it stand out even more in a catalog full of clones of clones of clones.

Eden Obscura
Price: Free

The additions of this mobile version not only remain with regard to the camera but also we can unlock different characters and power-ups to use on their screens. You have to defend and talk more about titles like Eden Obscura. Not only because of the attractiveness of his proposal, which it is, but because games are scarce in which the main interaction with his world is not based on shooting.

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