Easily capture your screen and organize these images with the new Firefox app

Firefox ScreenshotGo
Written by Hassan Abbas

Making screenshots of our Android device has become an everyday activity of our day to day. It is very common to make this type of images and share them through social networks or our relatives. Although doing it is quite simple, by pressing a couple of physical buttons on our terminal as a general rule, the truth is that apps that come with a cable for it come in handy. Firefox ScreenshotGo is a new application courtesy of Mozilla that simplifies screen capture and organization.

The new Mozilla app fulfills few functions but does them all in an excellent way. After granting a thousand permissions, none dangerous, to be able to use it (and more in Xiaomi devices) we will be able to activate the floating button that will allow us to capture screens with just touching it. This button remains semitransparent on our screen and does not bother too much. In addition, we can place it anywhere on the sides of the screen with just drag it.

Firefox ScreenshotGo

Each time we make a screenshot with the button, we will access a new window that will allow us to include it in some category. This organization of images is tremendously useful if we spend the day doing screenshots. Although it comes with some predefined categories, we can create our own so that the personalization remains fetén. Moreover, every time we get into the app we will have a warning about those catches that we have not yet organized.

We do not know if Firefox ScreenshotGo is an application for everyone, but we can say with absolute certainty that it is a fantastic tool for those of us who spend the day making captures. Not only because of the quick access that your button provides but because of the great categorization to which it gives us access.

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