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How to Clean Ear Tips & Case For Your AirPods Pro

Written by Hassan Abbas

Unlike other devices, you need to clean your AirPods Pro now and then. From the ear tips to the case, just clean the whole. As a result, they work like they are newly purchased.

Let’s come and check how to clean the ear tips and case:

Clean the AirPods Pro Ear tips

To clear any water in the ear tips, smoothly tap your AirPods on a dry cloth or tissue with the tips facing down. Then, remove the ear tips from your AirPods Pro and do the following to clean them.

  • Rinse the ear tips with plain water but make sure you don’t use any cleaners or soaps.
  • Wipe the ear tips with a soft, fluffy cloth.

Put them back on each AirPod until they are completely dry.

Clean the Case

You can clean the case for your AirPods Pro with a soft, fluffy cloth. If you want more elbow grease, Apple suggests moistening the cloth with isopropyl alcohol.

But be-careful doesn’t put anything in the charging ports or use harsh materials to clean the case.

For the Lightning connector, you can use a soft brush to remove debris and dirt.

Other Cleaning tips

  • Do not run your AirPods Pro under water to clean them.
  • Don’t use harsh materials or sharp objects.
  • Do not put or use your AirPods in the case until they are completely dry.
  • Always use a soft, fluffy cloth.
  • Do not get liquids of any kind in the openings.


Keeping your AirPods Pro ear tips and case debris-free and clean will have them looking and feeling like you just bought them.

Try to clean them in a week and then share your experience with us. Is this helpful or not let us know in the comment section below!

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