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Durango Wildlands will Shut Down on December 18

Durango Wildlands
Written by Hassan Abbas

Durango Wild Lands was launched on Android back in May this year. It does not look like the game is doing particularly well, because the developers just announced through a Facebook post. That the game would be shutting down on December 18th. All in-app purchases have already disabled, and the game will finish existing on the Play Store after the previously mentioned date. Users who have it installed on their mobile devices can still play it, though. In this article, we are going to talk about Durango Wildlands will Shut Down on December 18. Let us begin!

Durango: Wild Lands is in a post-apocalyptic universe where humans coexist with dinosaurs. It is a survival MMO that has players hunt, craft, cook, farm, and also build settlements that have co-op elements baked into it. The franchise was the biggest popularity in the south-east Asian market but failed to capture the hearts of western audiences, by the looks of it. The shutdown is very likely because of some internal conflict within Nexon, as the Play Store ratings of Durango: Wild Lands are largely positive. Along with most of the players stating that they’re satisfy with the game. Even the comments on the Facebook post express the same sentiment.

Durango wildlands

The Facebook post notes the termination schedule for Durango: Wild Lands. We can expect all in-app purchases to be removed today, and the whole game will go offline on December 18th. Official forums will also shut down on the 18th. In a recent Facebook post, the developers explain that it is with a heavy heart that they had to make this decision, but of course, leave out any real explanations. My guess is that the game was not earning, and since it is an MMO, it is probably difficult to afford many updates if the player base is not large enough to keep the game afloat. What is more crazy is that the title is only five months old, and when coupled with the known problems during development. It would sound like the writing was on the wall even before the game even release.

Durango Wildlands

So yeah, if you are big into Durango: Wild Lands, then this is sad news. Although it is nice to know the devs will continue development past the recent announcements of the scheduled shutdown. Not only is a final chapter expect, new PvP content, and also balance tweaks (that should allow for easier play so everyone can experience the majority of content before it’s no more) are coming soon. This should ease any issues with the current balancing that connects to the game’s many IAPs. That actually has me interested in revisiting the game. It is a bittersweet situation, but as a gamer who despises heavy monetization, I am probably going to take benefit while I can.


Another possible explanation for the shutdown is that the game simply did not generate enough revenue. Keeping things fresh in an MMO is as tricky as things tend to get repetitive. And also without enough revenue generated, rolling out new content becomes even trickier. The decision to pull the plug just five months after its release is an actually interesting one, though.

Mostly, companies tend to slug it out for a little bit longer before giving up on a franchise. Such as, Pokemon Duel was in the red for months before it got a mark for deletion. Durango: Wild Lands will get one last expansion patch that will also bring a final chapter, balance improvements, and new PVP elements. So, if you want to give it a try, head over the Play Store, one can rest easy knowing that the game does not have IAPs anymore. So the playing field is very much leveled.


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