Download Whatsapp 2.18.300 Apk, You can now reply on WhatsApp by sliding a message

Download Whatsapp 2.18.300 Apk
Written by Hassan Abbas

WhatsApp has just implemented the quick response through the sliding of messages in its Android version. users can now reply to messages just by sliding them. An option that was already available in iOS and now comes to Android in version 2.18.300.

It may seem silly, but being able to answer specific messages with just a slide is a tremendously useful help. We have been using this feature for some time on Telegram, so it was clear that sooner rather than later we would also enjoy it on WhatsApp. It is a form of organic response that we are going to take advantage of mainly in groups, where messages between different users can divert the conversation without anyone knowing well what each one is talking about.

Download Whatsapp 2.18.300 Apk

The slide could not be simpler: we will click on the message we want to answer and we will make the move from left to right. When doing it, the message will appear quoted in the inferior part of the screen and already we will only be able to write what we want. We leave you a capture of the steps so you can see how simple it is.

Thanks to this new feature we will gain in comfort and time since we can respond faster than ever. It is not a novelty that will change our lives, but it is a trick that we are sure we will use a lot in our day to day life. While we wait for WhatsApp to continue improving its services to be equal to apps like Telegram, it is always positive to find this type of news.

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Remember that you have to use version 2.18.300 of WhatsApp to be able to use this feature. Since Google Play is only allowed to download it to the beta users of the app, while you can download it free from our website to get it now and without waiting.

Download Whatsapp 2.18.300 Apk

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