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Download The Cube 1.2.5 Apk – An Arcade Puzzle Game on Android

The Cube 1.2.5 Apk
Written by Hassan Abbas

Download The Cube 1.2.5 Apk. A virtual designer, created in a game form, will help you brighten up your time and relax. If you decide to download The Cube to android, you can learn how to manage a three-dimensional 3D cube. It will need to be collected and disassembled to get to the central part and see what is there once again.

With simple finger movements, the player will be able to disassemble this virtual cube in blocks until he can get out the chest and open it. Maybe inside is a very valuable or even exclusive reward. As an action, the player will be able to choose blocks, simple clicks or even a hammer. At what point do you need to use any of these tools?

The Cube 1.2.5 Apk

The Cube


When your game starts, and you can download The Cube to Android then be ready to earn gold coins for your reproduced actions. Take in your development the first three-dimensional cube, assembled from blocks and begin the process of parsing. A huge number of beautiful and rich color shades will give you relaxation from the external image.

Turn the cube in absolutely any direction and twist it to think which element should be dismantled once again. By simple clicks, you can get to make out the cube completely and get out of it the most important treasure. With each next level, the task will be even harder and you will have to think about it.

The Cube Apk

The Cube

It is not always possible to do without a hammer, because simple clicks only work for weak blocks. Thus, having opened the main hidden chest, the player will get to get out the main gold. Move as far as possible above your rivals and friends and try to achieve the first place in the rating system. Become the sole leader to become the owner of a prize-winning place and to show all advantage.

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What you need:

Download: The Cube 1.2.5 Apk

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Download & Install The Cube 1.2.5 Apk

You can download this The Cube 1.2.5 Apk from the link below. And after that, there is a tutorial on how you can install this mod on your device. Afterall, just installing the Apk won’t do any good, you need to do it in a proper way.

The app was not found in the store. 🙁

Step 1: Download the Apk file, copy it anywhere on your Android device.

Step 2: Install the Apk file and after the installation, disable your internet connection.

Step 3: Open the game and wait till it loads completely.

Step 4: Come back and start playing the game.

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