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Download Signal Private Messenger for PC (Windows & Mac)

Signal Private Messenger for PC
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Signal Private Messenger for PC is another secure messenger that promises all kinds of encryption methods and a complete lack of monetization. The idea and implementation are very reminiscent of the well-known Telegram. A misunderstanding may occur immediately after installing the application since Signal Private Messenger is not listed in the list of programs, but the TextSecure shortcut appears. It turns out that Signal Private Messenger is a service, but TextSecure is a wrapper for it. Why did the developers do this? It’s hard to say, but there were clear reasons for that.

The registration procedure in the service is the same as for all similar messengers – through verification of the phone number. After a short wait and the arrival of an SMS with a code, registration will end automatically. Then we are thrown to the main screen with the started chats. By clicking on the pencil in the lower-left corner, you can instantly see which of your contacts uses Signal Private Messenger. All conversations immediately become encrypted and even developers do not have access to them. In case of doubt, you can always check your personal fingerprint for identity.

The program settings have not yet grown functional and are a cropped copy of Viber, Telegram and others. But now there is such a tab as Confidentiality, where you can disable the program and set up automatic deletion of old messages, as well as prohibit screenshots of chats. From the program, you can send SMS to your contacts and make calls. That is, TextSecure to some extent replaces the standard phone application. Signal Private Messenger is a good alternative to more eminent secure messengers.

How to Install Signal Private Messenger for PC:

  1. First of all, get an Android emulator from the link. Choose the one that favors your system requirements.
  2. Install it using the on-screen instructions.
  3. Configure it via a G-mail Account. Although, it should be active on for confirmation.
  4. Then you can open the Play Store and search for Signal Private Messenger
  5. Click on Install to start the process.
  6. Once done, open SpeedVPN, connect and enjoy safe and sound surfing.

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