Download OnePlus 6T McLaren Edition Stock Wallpapers

Download OnePlus 6T McLaren Edition Stock Wallpapers
Written by Hassan Abbas

OnePlus was able to provide a slow and stable space in the smartphone industry after the first launch of OnePlus One. Oneplus today, if you have not noticed this trend, it is not the same brand. No need to focus on the availability of basic functions.

The main killer is slowly moving to become the pioneer himself if he has not already done so. The OnePlus 6T McLaren version, which costs $699 is a prime example. You do not have to withdraw that kind of money if you already have a OnePlus 6T. Now we have wallpapers and ringtones from OnePlus 6T McLaren Edition provided by XDA developers.

Download OnePlus 6T McLaren Edition Stock Wallpapers

As we are talking about OnePlus, the company is used to announcing events in quick succession. This can be great from a business point of view because it keeps the company and its devices in the spotlight.

However, as a buyer, you do not feel so good when you buy Black Mirror or Midnight Black OnePlus 6 after its release. As OnePlus is coming soon, OnePlus 6 will start red and you will still be able to be available sooner. The same thing happened with the OnePlus 6T when the company launched the new Thunder Purple color after a month of changing the original colors of the OnePlus 6T. A month later, there was also a version of McLaren. It’s not that someone with an awareness of money would want it anyway.

OnePlus 6T McLaren Edition Stock Wallpapers

At least, you do not need to spend extra money to download all these new securities with the version of McLaren 6P OnePlus. The machine comes in a total of seven new wallpaper. All these things are completely dark with small surrounding colors, which makes them fantastic on AMOLED screens. Below we have downloaded background images in jpeg format so that you can view and download them.

All OnePlus 6T McLaren Edition wallpapers have a resolution of 2340 pixels in 1080p resolution. However, as you may or may not know, JPEG loses image quality due to compression and processing. Most people will never notice any difference, but if you do, you should download the entire package from the download link shown below. It contains all seven wallpapers in full resolution in PNG format.

Download OnePlus 6T McLaren Edition Stock Wallpapers

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