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Download Number Link v1.10 Apk for Android

Number Link
Written by Hassan Abbas


Number Link ApkDownload Number Link v1.10 Apk. Number Link – a fascinating puzzle timecambler with a simple gameplay and a chic sound. On the playing field, divided into many separate cells, there are different numbers and crosses. Our task is to connect each of them with this cross so that as a result a multicolored line covers the number of cells equal to the value of each particular digit. In fact, it’s quite simple and very exciting.

Well, if you’ve passed a bunch of levels and suddenly stalled at some difficult stage, you can always use a hint that automatically draws the desired line, allowing you to continue the puzzle. Download Number Link Apk. Connect points “- this is a simple logic puzzle for adults and children, where you need to connect numbers with dots.

In a square field divided into cells, there are numbers and end points (“x”) in the same amount. Your goal is to link all numbers to endpoints. The number indicates the number of cells in the link, which must be exactly, between the cell with this number and the endpoint. Only one link can be made for each endpoint. Links can not intersect. In this game there is no need to fill all the cells of the field with links, just connect all the pairs. And if the first levels can seem easy to you, then further complexity increases. If you have difficulties, you can use the hint.


  • Different sizes of the playing field
  • No Wi-Fi or Internet? You can play offline anytime.
  • Achievements and ranking leaders
  • Pure graphics
  • Amazing background soundtrack
  • The game develops logical thinking

Number Link


+ Pleasant minimalistic design
+ Great soundtrack
+ The perfect timekiller
+ Tightening gameplay

What you need:

Number Link v1.10 Apk

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Download & Install Number Link v1.10 Apk

Punkte verbinden Puzzle Spiel
Punkte verbinden Puzzle Spiel
Developer: Leaflock
Price: Free

Step 1: Download the Apk file, copy it anywhere on your Android device.

Step 2: Install the Apk file and wait for the installation to complete.

Step 3: Open the game and wait till it loads completely

Step 4: Start playing the game.

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