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Knock Balls Apk
Written by Hassan Abbas


Download Knock Balls ApkArm with a cannon and cannonballs that will serve as projectiles for the destruction of numerous structures. The latter is made of blocks and other figures, and therefore deal with them is not difficult. Download Knock Balls Apk – arcade on attentiveness and accuracy in which you have to destroy buildings with a powerful gun Accurate shots bring coins and experience points. Try not to overshoot and send each shell exactly on target. The number of cores is limited, slips can lead to losing and replaying the level. Spend earned coins on the opening of new locations, guns, as well as unusual buildings. Get bonuses, improve guns and unlock access to new types of shells.

Throw the balls in the structure so that they collapse, but be careful not to exceed the allowed limit. Each saved ball will be considered double at the next level, use it to apply. One-time, easy-to-manage controls with amazing images and exciting game mechanics.

Pros & Cons:

+ Over 100 colorful levels
+ One-touch control
+ Dynamic gameplay
+ Several types of shells

Download Knock Balls Apk on Android

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