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Download Call of Duty Legends of War APK + OBB

Call of Duty Legends of War
Written by Hassan Abbas

The game of Call of Duty Legends of War Battle Royale is a worldwide game for all Android devices. At the same time, it was launched in Australia without problems, but we have an APK and an OBB file that you can download and enjoy the game.

The appearance of the Battle Royale does not seem to end soon. Started with PUBG and captured by Fortnite and his free model for the game. PUBG Mobile appeared with the same model and still enjoyed great success. They even took their place as the best game of 2018 in the Google Play store, as well as the user’s choice. Follow Epic’s Fortnite now on the PUBG mobile scene. These are just big names. After PUBG there were a lot of royal games. Famous names, such as Call of Duty, seek to capitalize on the popularity of this genre. Now Call of Duty Legends of War is here and on your mobile too.

Call of Duty Legends of War

PUBG, therefore, Fortnite may be limited to the resurrection of the Battle Royale. But it was Call of Duty that made such shooters popular in those days. This type is still very common, although the popularity of Call of Duty is gradually fading. He still has a big fan base ready to throw some money for a good gaming experience. The previous game Call of Duty, of course, was delivered, and now we deliver it to smartphones and tablets.

Call of Duty Legends of War

Activision, the developer of Call of Duty, collaborated with Tencent in the release of Call of Duty: Legends of War for mobile devices. For the uninformed, Tencent is the same company PlayerUnknown cooperated within developing PUBG Mobile. Tencent did a much better job of developing PUBG for mobile devices, so the original developer could never see how the original game was managed on PCs and controllers. The popularity of PUBG on mobile devices is largely due to the active development of Tencent and the introduction of new features and improvements to work on virtually any Android device, regardless of which device you pack.

Call of Duty Legends of War

Currently, the game is being tested in a limited beta version and is available for download only in Australia through the Google Play Store. You can still download the APK and play the game. Thanks to a variety of media such as Free4All, Search & Destroy, Team Deathmatch and Frontline. There is also a zombie mode if you want to shoot robots and practice photography before competing with real people. The game also features Call of Duty characters (such as Price, Ghost, etc.).

Unlike PUBG, released for mobile devices with just one card, Call of Duty contains many of them. The cards included at this time are Nuketown, Killhouse, Hijacked, Crossfire, Standoff, and Crash. These fans should be called Call of Duty. There are no IAP options in the game yet, perhaps because it is still in beta. You can turn them on when you start broadcasting the game around the world.

Completely Free:

Since this game is free, in the end, inside the game there are purchases inside the currency. As in all free games, you will be paid in real currency to buy this currency in the game. You have a substitute to win in the game by grinding the game. This is a good balance for free play.

Download Call of Duty Legends of War APK + OBB

  1. Download and Install Apk
  2. Download OBB, Extract it and open the folder you’ll get. Copy the file to the /Android/obb/ location.

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