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Download Apple TV+ Show on iOS Devices

Download Apple TV Show
Written by Hassan Abbas

Download Apple TV Show: Are you an Apple TV+ subscriber looking to install your favorite shows and content onto your devices? You can easily download or install locally Apple TV+ shows to iPhone and iPad so that you can enjoy them offline. This is amazing for long trips, plane flights, train rides, or just posting on your couch or in bed to binge-watch.

Maybe you know that Apple, in a move to compete against the likes of Netflix, Disney+ and other video streaming services introduced Apple TV+ some time ago. Sure, it doesn’t (yet) brag a huge content library like Prime Video and Netflix. However, they also do some of the huge names in the film industry launching original content and that’s actually pretty good for a service that’s so new.

Although streaming content may be the way to go because people can’t stay connected to the internet at all times. However, it exactly when offline viewing comes in. Apple TV enables you to download and install shows onto your iPad or iPhone. Well, you can watch them when you’re on the move or when your Wi-Fi is slow.

In this guide, we’ll be explaining exactly how to download Apple TV+ shows on your iPhone or iPad. Come let’s see how this process works.

How to Download and Install Access Apple TV+ Shows on iPhone & iPad

Apple TV+ service baked into the default TV app on your iOS devices. Where content bought or rented from the iTunes store is normally saved. Just follow the easy steps below to begin downloading the content you like to watch offline.

Step 1:

Firstly, Open the default “TV” app using the home screen of your iPhone or iPad.

Step 2:

In the “Watch Now” section, click on the show or movie that you like to watch offline.

Step 3:

Choose any episode that you like to download onto your iPhone or iPad. Also, click on the “Cloud” icon at the top right next to the name of the episode.

Step 4:

Once installed, you’ll notice the iPhone or iPad icon located on the name of the episode. The icon indicates that it has been stored on your device for offline viewing. However, to view all your installed content, click on “Library”.

Step 5:

Now, click on “Downloaded”.

Step 6:

Here, you’ll also be able to access all of your downloaded content, categorized by the title of the TV shows.

That’s all you need to do to download and view your most favorite Apple TV+ shows for offline viewing.

Now, you don’t rely on your internet connectivity to watch your favorite TV shows. If you like to watch a show offline, simply run through the entire process mentioned above. However, you can also download some Apple TV+ content to view on your android at any time, besides internet connectivity.

The ability to watch content offline is quite handy for travelers. Also, for the people living in rural areas having fewer internet connections and so on so forth. Simply understand how streaming could get interrupted due to bad connectivity, it can good to watch shows offline and ignore the buffering problems come with streaming altogether. Make sure Apple doesn’t allow you to download several episodes of a show simultaneously.

Apple TV+ also offers a free trial and costs just $4.99 a month. It is lower if we compare it to the competition like Netflix and Disney+. Also, Apple is betting on top-tier production and casting some of the huge names in the industry. The company also recommended they’ll be adding the latest show or movie every single month to keep users busy. so if you’re already using Apple TV+ content you should get a regular stream coming in. So whether you like to watch it live or download it to your iPhone or iPad devices you’ll be able to enjoy lots of TV shows and content into the future.


Here’s all about the “Download Apple TV Show”. Have you ever downloaded your favorite Apple TV+ shows? When do you view shows offline rather than a stream? Let us know your thoughts and suggestions in the comments section below.

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