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YouTube Kids for PC
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YouTube Kids for PC is a great app to help you find the best content for kids. It’s no secret that YouTube videos do not always have decent and censored content. This especially concerns parents whose children can easily find adult content and watch it while mom and dad are busy. Fortunately, the developers from Google were sympathetic to this issue and made a new program that takes into account all the wishes of users.

The project is an analog of the main application, but the video selected for the player has only informative or entertaining content. The videos are divided into four categories: Show, Kaleidoscope, Training, and Music. Among other things, in the list of materials, you can find cartoons “Masha and the Bear”, “Luntik” and “Fixiki”. There is a timer that’ll turn off the device after a specific time.

The project interface is adapted so that the baby can use it without the help of parents. The menu icons are slightly enlarged and redesigned. Videos load quickly. Pleases and excellent optimization.YouTube Kids is a useful app that makes it easy to find fun content for kids. The project has a pleasant design and a simplified menu. The choice of content is quite large, while you can be calm for its content.


  • Limit screen time: Set a period limit for to what extent your children can watch and help energize their progress from watching to doing.
  • Stay aware of what they watch: Simply check the watch it again page and you’ll generally know what they’ve viewed and the most up to date intrigues they’re investigating.
  • Blocking: Don’t care for a video? Square the video or entire channel, and never observe it again.
  • Hailing: You can generally cognizant us to the inappropriate substances by hailing a video for audit.

How to Install YouTube Kids for PC:

So, basically, you can’t download it directly on your PC. But, since we are living in an age where answers lie on our fingertips! We can simply find a solution to run this app on any OS we want. All you need is an Android Emulator. After that, you can follow the steps to get the job done. Don’t worry, we’ll provide the emulator link below as well.

Download the Best Android Emulator of all times

  1. Install Blustacks or any Android emulator on your operating system
  2. After completing the download, simply install it.
  3. Depending on your PC,  the installation takes more time.
  4. After installation, you must log in with your existing email account or create a new one.
  5. Locate the search box in Bluestacks.
  6. You should look for YouTube Kids.
  7. You can see the application for Android simply by clicking on it to install it.
  8. Then you can play YouTube Kids on your PC.

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