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Download and Install Momentum for PC (Windows and Mac)

Momentum for PC
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Momentum for PC is a basic, yet amazing propensity tracker for iOS that encourages you to arrive at your objectives with the base of exertion. Once downloaded, you are given your Calendar. This is really the main bit of the app that I am not enthused about as the entirety of the date are dark in shading (I truly don’t care for dim!). I consider this to be a potential positive, be that as it may, as there is a greater amount of a motivating force for me to finish propensities on those days and turn them green!

How to Use Momentum:

Clicking off a propensity is amazingly straightforward. When they are set up, all propensities appear in a flat parchment bar at the highest point of the screen. Essentially look to the propensity you have finished and tick the date it was finished (turning the date that mysterious green shading!). Obviously, the objective here is to attempt to finish a dash of dates and fortunately the developers have made ticking the propensities off a basic procedure instead of an errand.

Underneath the Calendar is two tabs. One for Calendar (which consistently takes you back to this screen) and one called My Habits. This is the place you will set your propensities up when you first burden the app, just as keep up them later on.

The option is there to arrange how regularly the propensity should rehash. Right now, the entirety of mine is day by day. Anyway, I may hope to tweak this to permitting me the end of the week off for some of them later on. Updates can be set if you believe you truly need a bump. (My 5 am rising propensity has an update set at 5:10 am just. If that I’m battling for reasons unknown!). You can likewise set yourself a week by week focus to gauge yourself against.

How to Install Momentum for PC:

  1. To get this amazing app on your PC, you’ll be needing an Android Emulator. The good thing that we have a whole guide for this. Thus you can follow the link and grab the Best Android Emulator for yourself.
  2. However, you can skip the above step if you have already had one on your PC.
  3. Now to install this app, just open the Play Store on your Emulator. Fret not, every emulator has it installed, you just need to open it.
  4. Then search for Momentum and click on Install.
  5. The size is small, so it will be downloaded quickly.
  6. Open it from the App Drawer or the Home Screen.
  7. Enjoy!

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