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Download and Install iMiniCam for PC (Windows and Mac)

iMiniCam for PC
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Security cams are perhaps the best wellspring of giving security. Nearly in each open spot, you will see reconnaissance cams. Essentially, these cams are installed to get to things. At first, P2P cams are controlled through overwhelming wires and links. In any case, on account of innovation, you can oversee them remotely. With the assistance of reconnaissance security apps, you can see cam video from any piece of the world. Today I will reveal to you an app by which you will get these offices. So if you are finding an app that encourages you to oversee and control CCTV cams then you will get what you are searching for. The name of the application is iMinicam for PC which is accessible to download for nothing on any device you own.

By using the iMinicam app on your Android device you will get the live perspective on the cam. In any case, to get the view you have to arrange the camera with the app. For design, you are required to fill a few subtleties, for example, Port Name, Device Name and in particular IP address of the cam. When you have entered these subtleties you would now be able to see live gushing of the camera. Yet, ensure that your Smartphone is connected to the web connection because web connectivity is a must to use this app. Else, it won’t work.


Moreover, iMinicam likewise records recordings of the cam. Every one of the recordings of the camera is recorded inside the app. Spared recordings are put away in inner memory, SD card or distributed storage. So if you have missed any piece of live spilling then you can watch it from these spared recordings. iMinicam app additionally enables users to take screen captures the same number of as they like. Additionally, it likewise incorporates an element of the movement locator. If the cam video recognizes any movement in the video then it will quickly notify you on the Smartphone. In this way, to put it plainly, you can say that iMinicam is one such application by which you can undoubtedly control and oversee P2P cams without overwhelming wires and links.

How to Install iMiniCam for PC:

Grab Bluestacks from the Link. Download it, it might take a few moments because of the size. Install it following the on-screen instructions. If you already have an Android Emulator installed, skip this step.

  1. Use any G-mail ID to configure and start the Emulator.
  2. Then Open Play Store and search for iMiniCam
  3. Click on the very first result.
  4. Click on Install.
  5. Wait!
  6. Navigate to the home screen/app drawer and locate the app icon there.
  7. Click on that icon to open the app.
  8. Enjoy!

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