Does the Samsung Galaxy S20 support dual SIM?

Galaxy S20 supports dual SIM
Written by Hassan Abbas

Galaxy S20 support dual SIM: Well, It depends on the model. Samsung sells two versions of the Samsung Galaxy S20. Also, the Snapdragon 865 model that’s available in the U.S. has a single SIM card slot. However, the global variant with the Exynos 990 comes with a dual SIM card slot.

The Galaxy S20 Sold in the U.S. has a Single SIM Slot

Samsung always sells 2 variants of its flagships i.e a model points at the U.S. audience and a global version. However, the Galaxy S20 available for sale in the U.S. is powered by Qualcomm’s latest Snapdragon 865 chipset. Also, it comes with a single SIM card slot. On the single SIM model, you have space for one nano-SIM and a microSD card up to 1TB.

However, Samsung also makes an Exynos 990 version for global markets that have dual SIM connectivity. The SIM tray is a hybrid one. You can install either two nano-SIM cards or a SIM card and a MmcroSD card. But not that the two SIM cards and a microSD card. The caveat is that you can’t purchase the global model officially in the U.S.

You’ll have to get the global Galaxy S20 for dual-SIM connectivity

While you can’t select up the global Galaxy S20 officially in the U.S. You should also be able to find an unlocked model on Amazon eventually. It becomes the case in the past, and when you lose out on a warranty, it should be quite easy enough to find a global unlocked model of the Samsung Galaxy S20 in the U.S (United State).

You can sELECT a global samsung Galaxy S20 unlocked on Amazon in the U.S. but it’ll only works on AT&T and T-Mobile.

What is the reason for Samsung’s dual-sourcing strategy?

Compatibility with carriers like Sprint and Verizon. The dual-SIM variant of the Galaxy S20 can’t work over CDMA, and that’s the reason Samsung relies on Qualcomm’s chipsets in the U.S. Moving with Qualcomm means that Samsung Galaxy S20 works on all 4 major U.S. carriers.

Besides from the SIM card tray and the Exynos 990 platform, the global S20 is similar to the one you can purchase in the U.S. Both have the same display, design, RAM and memory options, battery, and software. However, if you’re living in the U.S. and want a dual-SIM Galaxy S20, the best choice is to select the global model unlocked on Amazon. But before you do, make sure you’ll only be able to use it on AT&T and T-Mobile.


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