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Do You Want To Use Find My Friends On Mac?

Find My Friends On Mac
Written by Hassan Abbas

A widget Find My Friends is available on the Mac within Notification Center. It allows users to view a list and location of their loved ones who select to share their location with them. This has lots of practical apps, but parents, close friends, and partners can find it to be most essential.

This location feature needs an advanced model of Mac OS X to have available. Also, you want at least Mac OS X 10.11.x or later to be executed on the Mac. However, you’ll also need a friend or two to be sharing their location via Find My Friends app on an iOS device. Also, if they share their location with you using the Messages app on iOS devices.

How to Turn On & Use the Widget in Mac OS X

You’ll first want to turn on the widget, then remember your loved ones is using Find My Friends in iOS or sharing their location to have names populate in the list on the Mac. Come let’s check how it works:

Find My Friends On Mac

Step 1:

Initially, tap the Notification Center located in the upper right corner of the Mac menu bar. You can then tap on the “Today” view

Step 2:

Tap on the “Edit” button under the Notification Center.

Step 3:

Locate “Find My Friends” and then tap the green (+) add a button with the widget name.

Step 4:

Tap to “Allow” the app to use your location services, then tap on “Done”.

Step 5:

Wait a while or two and your friends or family name-sharing their location with you will populate in the Find My Friends widget on the Mac. However, tapping on a person name will uncover a map with their recent location

If you wish to try this out with your loved ones. Then enable this widget, then share your current location from Messages on iOS devices. Then share their location from the “Find Friends” app that is build-in on every iPhone, or from the Maps app on a Mac. Wait a while or two and the information of location will display up in the Find My Friends widget in Mac OS X. However, you can then tap on to view a map or other information about the person’s location.

This is essential for lots of reasons, but perhaps it’s the best as a tool for parents to keep a record of their kid’s location. However, you can provide an instant glance to the widget on a Mac. Also, it provides an idea of where they are, whether it’s a park, school, friend’s house.

If you have five contacts sharing their location with you, then tap on the “Show More” button in the widget to view them in Find My Friends.

Linking with Find My Friends on Mac OS X

Besides being a small widget in the Notification Center, then Find My Friends widget can’t interactive. Here are a few things you can do within the widget:

  • Display map with the person’s current location – tap their name
  • Display Contacts card for the person – tap on their picture
  • Move within the map – drag or click on the map after displaying their location
  • Zoom in on the map location – double tap on the map
  • Zoom out of the map location – option/ALT tap on the map
  • Head over t0 the person location within the Maps app – double-tap the persons pic

This is the best widget that is quite functional. But it deserves its own tab or segment within the Maps app of Mac OS X, where the maps can view simpler and interact with. Also, you launch the Maps from the widget. But it must be the best to have within the app itself.


Here’s all about “Find My Friends On Mac”. What are your views about it? Is this article helpful or not? Let us know your thoughts and suggestions in the comment section below!

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