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Do You Want to Stop Notes App From Initiating New Notes With Title?

stop Notes app from initiating new Notes
Written by Hassan Abbas

Are you going to stop the Notes app from initiating new Notes? Mostly we use the Notes app on their devices differently. You probably keep it well organized using folders for all your projects and meaningful titles for your notes. Or, you probably use it to just scrap down quick thoughts for a short time and remove the note soon after.

If you fall into the category or simply open Notes to take something in a hurry that you don’t plan to keep forever. You might don’t take the time to tense about titles. Probably you’re scrapping down a mobile number, password, or an item you want from the store. In this situation, all matters is the body of the note itself, right?

Using a simple setting, you have all notes you create in the Notes app initiate with the body text rather than of a title. If this is something you’ll find essential, we’ve got you covered.

Make Notes without a title on iPhone and iPad

This setting is specifically essential while using the Notes app on iPhone and iPad where you might not take the time to format that text.

Step 1:

Head over to the Settings on the iPhone or iPad and choose Notes.

Step 2:

Move down to Viewing and click New Notes Start With which by default uses Title.

Step 3:

Then select the Body. (Of course, you can select a Heading or Subheading if you want to.)

Now rather than big, bold text located at the top of your Notes, you’ll then have smaller and non-bold body text.

Make Notes without a title on Mac

After applying this setting on your Mac, it’s quite as easy. Head over to the Notes app and do the following.

Step 1:

Tap Notes > Preferences from the menu bar.

Step 2:

Choose the New notes to start with a drop-down box that uses Title by default such as on iOS.

Step 3:

Choose Body. (Or you can choose Heading if you’d rather.)

And that’s all. Your new notes on Mac will initiate with body text rather than of a title.


Here’s all about the “stop Notes app from initiating new Notes”. Well, it isn’t some earth-shattering setting that will change your life. But certainly, it’s just small modification we make, that we’ve never taken the time to do, that makes a difference.

Is this a setting you’re going to modify in the Notes app? Let us know your thoughts in the comment section below!

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