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Do You Want To Print Black and White on Mac?

How to Print in Black & White on Mac
Written by Hassan Abbas

Are you ready to print black and white on Mac? Lots of printers used with a Mac compatible printing in black and white or grayscale. Also, printing offers a simple method to boost the contrast of the document but it also enables you to limit the amount of color ink that is used while printing a document, article, or webpage.

Printing in black and white on a Mac is quite easy, but its feature is certainly tucked away in a print setting. However, it depends on the printer that a Mac can use. Also, the print driver can use it too. We’ll cover two methods to print in black and white from a Mac.

Remember that B&W printing techniques are available to your Mac depends on the printer in use. Also, if the printer directly compatible black and white printing or not. Then some printers can’t compatible black and white printing at all.

Print in Black & White from a Mac

How to Print in Black & White

Some printers make printing in white or black very easily. However, if you move to print a file and quickly view a “Black & White” toggle box, then check it to print only. Alternatively, how to print in black and white from a Mac.

Step 1:

From the document, file, webpage, or tutorial you want to print, head over to the “File” menu and select “Print” as usual.

Step 2:

At the print screen, select “Show Details” to uncover more information about the printing alternatives.

Step 3:

B&W Printing Option 1: If it is available, toggle a checkbox located next to “Black & White”

Step 4:

B&W Printing Option 2: Search the black/grayscale printing options

  • Then pull down the choices menu and select “Paper Type / Quality”
  • Now tap on the little ‘Color Options’ text and then to Color choose “Grayscale”
  • Mandatory, select “Black Ink Only” located next to the Grayscale Mode option
Step 5:

Then select “Print” to print the selected document in black and white.

It can also be used to print in black and white or grayscale on lots of printers.

Certainly, the black and white choice at the bottom of “Color Options” as Mono or “Black Cartridge Only”, and verbiage might be quite different depending on the printer drivers, printer, and the Mac OS model used.

This is a the best method for printing in general. But specifically, it’s helpful when you’re trying to put ink while printing out webpages or tutorials that can’t advantage from color ink usage.

Alternatives to Print Grayscale or Black & White Are Missing on the Mac?

If the printer can’t compatible black and white printing, you haven’t any option to print in black and white.

If you wnat to print black and white or grayscale on a Mac but the alternatives are missing from the Print window. Then your printer compatibles grayscale and/or black and white printing mode. Also, you might have to perform some basic troubleshooting steps. Well, it means you can either reset the print system in Mac OS or removing the printer, re-adding the printer, or updating the driver.

  • Remove and re-add the printer from the Printer options in System Preferences
  • Reset the printing system in Mac OS – it’ll remove the printer and you will have to add it again

You might want to download the latest drivers or updated drivers for your printer as well. However. it depends on the printer itself, and the printer developer.

This only works on a printer that compatibles grayscale or black and white printing. But you can’t force a printer that can’t feature to have an ability it can’t compatible. Alternatively, another choice would be to change a document to black and white or grayscale.


Here’s all about printing. Is this article helpful? Let us know your thoughts below. For further queries and questions let us know in the comments section below!

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