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Do You Want To Hide A Song On A Spotify Playlist – Here’s How To

Hide A Song On A Spotify Playlist
Written by Hassan Abbas

Hide A Song On A Spotify Playlist One of the simplest ways to get a music experience on the go is to fire up your Spotify app and just click on a Spotify playlist. However, some playlists found that the app uses an algorithm to match the music to the users’ frequent song option. Some of them are actually built by Spotify’s own playlist keepers. And if you’re determined enough, you may also be able to convert them to launch some of your best bangers!

In reaction to its premium customers’ requests to return back the old thumbs down button. Spotify plans to implement the latest way to ignore songs in their playlists. Using the last update, premium users hearing to manage playlists now have the choices to Hide songs if they don’t like to listen to some song.


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How to hide a song you don’t want in a playlist

Follow the instructions below to use the latest Hide songs choices in Spotify playlists.

Step 1:

Initially, head over to the playlist you want to edit.

Step 2:

Now move down the song you want to hide.

Step 3:

Tap on the 3-dot Context menu button located next to the song.

Step 4:

Choose Hide song.

All Done!

How to unhide a song

Fortunately, you can simply just move back and Unhide the hidden song in the future following the steps. So there is no harm to the playlist.

Why I don’t have the Hide song choices

Well, remember you have the premium subscription of Spotify. If you still don’t view the choices, then it could be due to it’s not there in your country at the moment.


Here’s all about “Hide A Song On A Spotify Playlist”. Spotify’s latest Hide song choices look to be their way of changing new customers to subscribe to their premium account while keeping old customers happy.

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