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Do You Want To Fix Nexus 6 Camera Slow?

Nexus 6 Camera slow
Written by Hassan Abbas

Are you ready to fix Nexus 6 Camera slow? After the update of Android Marshmallow, I was facing this irritating Nexus 6 camera lag. Also when I was moving down to the comments on youtube my nexus 6 used to lag. I was come to know that lots of users are also facing similar issues. Some people have claimed that orange lines seem on the screen while capturing images in the sun.

Nexus 6 is one of the most proffered Android smartphones in the market. However, camera lag is a common problem for some users. While looking into the problem, I searched that the camera lag usually arises while capturing HDR images. and the capture button grays out when the system processes the already captured images.

How to Fix the Nexus 6 Camera Slow:

This problem was not present in the Android Lollipop. So it might be that the problem is in Marshmallow. I have compiled some tricks that help you out to resolve its Nexus 6 camera lag. Simply try them out and let us know if it works out for you or not. Worked fine for me.

Step 1:

Initially disable the GeoTagging. Head over to Settings and disable the Save Location.

Step 2:

Wipe App Cache. Head over to Setting > App Manager > Select Camera App > Clear Cache.

Step 3:

Erase the Camera App from Battery Optimisation.

  • Head over to Settings -> Battery ->Battery optimization (It’s presently located at the top right corner of the screen.)
  • Choose Camera and click on don’t optimize.

Now if nothing works from all the above fix. Wipe Cache Partition. If you don’t know how to wipe the cache partition of Nexus 6 then follow the below steps. Also, you must know that wiping cache doesn’t remove data present in your phone.

Instruction to wipe cache of Nexus 6:

Step 1:

Initially, switch off your Nexus 6.

Step 2:

Now hit and hold Volume down and Power button simultaneously. Then release the buttons when you view Android laying on its back and a large box on the top.

Step 3:

Now use the volume button to move to the Recovery menu. (Hit volume down button two times and you’ll then view the recovery menu written in that box.)

Step 4:

Hit the Power button to choose from.

Step 5:

Now your phone starts to reboot. Hold on till you view an android figure in the background.

Step 6:

Now hit and hold the power button and click volume up button.

Step 7:

Now you will then view lots of choices on the screen. Use the Volume button to move to Wipe Cache Partition.

Step 8:

Use the power button to choose it. Now Cache partition will be cleared. It takes time. Don’t forcefully restart your mobile as it will cause your mobile to get into the boot loop. Wait a while such as 10-15 minutes you will then get a text on the screen that cache partition successfully formatted.

That’s all on how to resolve the Nexus 6 Camera Lag. If your Nexus 6 is still lagging then, head over to factory reset. It is a proven fix for every software related issue. Factory reset will wipe all data present in your Android. So before proceeding further make a proper backup of your data. One advantage of a factory reset is that it will make your mobile fresh as new and it will remove all the issues from your phone.


So that’s all about “Nexus 6 Camera slow”. If you think that it is helpful then do let us know your suggestions in the comment section below. Have you found any other alternative that we can’t cover in this article? Comment us below!

Also, for any difficulty ask us without any hesitation!

Till then! Stay Safe 🥰

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